About Us

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Founder Keith Walberg, is a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology with undergraduate studies in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training.




Providing individualized training dedicated to total well-being and lifelong fitness; utilizing functional training, fundamental fitness principles, and practical applications of exercise science to maintain and enhance physical performance, fitness, health and quality of life.


We provide top-notch exercise prescriptions and knowledge customized to meet your needs. Training is conducted on a one-on-one basis, at a pace you can handle, that will bring you the best fitness results possible.

Post-graduate studies and professional certifications enable us to go beyond the scope of the average trainer, allowing us work with special populations from youth training to clients in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Regardless of your personal goals or sports interest, our Master Trainers at Altered Physique Inc. can help make it functional and fun.